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Welcome to Learning Microbiology

This is an effort in exploring / using modern trends in semantic wiki, ontologies and related technologies for making the process of learning personalized, and in this wiki, with special reference to the field of Microbiology. Teachers and Students of Microbiology are invited to actively participate both in using and creating contents.

Comments and newer ideas are earnestly invited.

Field of Microbiology here is to be taken as "tip of iceberg of human knowledge", meaning visible part (to us) is Microbiology with connections to entire set of human knowledge.

Project 1: FYWiki

This wiki is being developed by teachers and students of FYBSc. IT is an exercise of collective working and annotating knowledge in Microbiology and establishing links with as many allied field as possible. It will record the exploration of the first year student, how far and wide they can roam in this landscape.

Project 2: SyMicroWiki

Taking inspiration from FYWiki project, students of Sy also explore power of semantic wiki /ontology. to visit this project proceed to SyWikiProject

Instruction to students Page


Raviphadke 15:38, 8 October 2009 (UTC) Currently there are 19 student participants. 3 of them have created their idea page and Unit I group has started adding magic words.

Way to go folks! Let us try our level best to collect maximum no of magic words by 15th OCT

Can we adopt this model?

Visit this site to see how study material on physics is organized. So from agic words we can proceed to make interlinked wiki pages on similar lines but MORE advanced (using semantic wiki base). give your feed back either here or by email